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One of the main characteristics of a Capricorn woman is her independence. Explore the personality and profile of Capricorn women.

Astrology: Capricorn: Capricorn Woman

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Capricorn Woman

Capricorn woman are hard-working and love to be in commanding positions. They fare best when they are at a senior level and have authority and control.  Capricornian females are independent in nature and rely on no one to fulfill their desires and wishes. They are ready to work hard to get what all they want. Ambitious, they would not settle until they have lots of money in the bank, a few solid investments and their own home. Capricorn woman exerts extreme self control, which is just the key for the success she gets in life.
Capricornian woman are anxiety prone and can be very particular when it comes to choosing the man of her life. She will always prefer a man who has money, honesty and social standing. She might have an infatuation for a person who lacks these three factors, but when it comes to serious relationship, do not expect that someone with anything less will stand a chance. For a Capricornian female, her man should be her asset and not her liability. Once in love, a she would do anything for her man.
Capricorn woman loves to be complimented by her man and strive towards the same. She can be a little unpredictable at times, switching emotions more frequently than usual. Capricorn gals usually dress beautifully and always look chic and elegant. They are also very particular about the way they look and take utmost care for themselves. They love to be busy and take life seriously, working hard day in and day out to overcome obstacles and lead a life of happiness and contentment.

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