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The personality & profile of a Capricornian is marked by his friendly nature. Read on to know more about Capricorn zodiac sign.

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Capricorn Traits

The zodiac sign of Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. Capricorns are born friendly, trustworthy and reliable. It is generally seen that they have a serious character, at times coming up with a satirical wittiness. Such individuals take their life very seriously. They are observed to be self contained and satisfied as well. Mostly cautious, confident, strong-willed, reasonable and hard working, Capricorns are as steady as a rock. They love being at the top of the ladder and enjoying commanding, respectful and rewarding positions.
Capricornians tend to be pessimistic, suspicious, resentful, stubborn and self centered individuals. Though surrounded by friends, they are lonely at heart. They can spread gloom and tension in a minute and are quite capable of depressing everyone around them. Dreariness, lonesomeness, nervousness, dissatisfaction and a feeling of insecurity mark their personality. Despite the fact that Capricorns can easily get into tiffs with people, they have an enthusiastic nature.
Capricornians are usually of a medium height, with sharp features and an attractive personality. They have an intelligent frame of mind, which in turn helps them in achieving success in life. They enjoy strong monetary positions, but only after a lot of struggle in life. Rational, logical and clearheaded in their mind, Capricornians have great concentration skills and are clear winners in debates and discussion forums. They are very close to their father and can do anything and everything for them.

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