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Capricorn children have a positive outlook towards life. Read on to find more about characteristics and personality of a Capricorn child.

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Capricorn Child

A Capricorn child is usually more mature than his counterparts in the infancy stage. He tends to prefer company of elders and also looks older than his age. He enjoys pretending to be grown up. Being optimistic and determined are the traits of a Capricornian child. He is self-contained and strong willed and has a clear idea about his wants and desires right from babyhood. Balanced in his attitude, he is creative and loves to make new things. Music is the key to the infant. A Capricorn kid can spend hours engrossed in good music.
Capricorn children's sole aim is to get good grades and gain honors. They study, study and study, usually restraining themselves from any kind of relaxation. They need to be taught that relaxation is also very important in life. More of an indoor person, Capricornian child needs to be encouraged to spend some time outdoors and refresh himself. Though they may seem very serious, Capricornian children have a good sense of humor, only it needs to be developed. They also need to learn how important it is to express one's emotions and feelings.
Politeness is the key characteristic of a Capricorn child. He has great respect for his parents. If the kid wants something, he would make sure he gets what he wants i.e. by slowly wearing down parental resistance. Capricorn child usually loves reading and likes to make things that have a practical use. He has an even temper and likes the security of routine and orderliness of home. Such kids usually have only one or two close friends. Capricorn kids are very susceptible to illness and must be rightly instructed about their diet and hygiene.

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