What’s your Rashee is just a one-time watch. Read on to know why.

What’s your Rashee Review
Last Updated: 2009-09-25T12:08:33+05:30
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What’s your Rashee Review
What’s your Rashee
What’s your Rashee
Director: Ashutosh Gowarikar
Cast: Priyanka Chopra, Hurman Baweja
’What’s Your Rashee?’, an adaptation on the Madhu Rye’s Kimball Ravenswood has a very interesting plot but the execution has failed to bring the beauty and suspense of the plot.
Yogesh Patel, essayed by Hurman Baweja, is the last resort for his cash-strapped family.  Yogesh, who will be inheritor to this grandfather’s wealth, is forced by his family to get married to grab the wealth. But it is really stupid that the family fixes the date for his marriage, but no bride!!!!!!!!!!
Yogesh now has to finalise from 12 brides-to-be, essayed by Priyanka Chopra. Each of the brides belongs to a different sun sign. He meets the brides in a span of just 15 days and has a song sequence with each of the 12, in between which he finds time to pay a visit to his grandpa, finds a room in a hotel and finally ends up in getting married.
The basic idea of the story, to give diverse perspectives through different characters, holds appeal. But he should have opted for different actresses as he fails to justify his view that the characters share resemblances. So is the scene when two of these characters confront each other for no good reason.
The movie tries to handle various aspects of marriage that prevails in our society, right from child marriage to virginity to punar janam and so on. But episodes are shallow-sketched and carry very fragile backdrop.
The major drawback with the movie is that it leaves the audience confusing in finding the differences between the 12 characters. The girl-boy meeting takes a repetitive tone with questions like ‘What do you do? What are you hobbies?’.
The movie should have taken less than 3 hours. Considering its genre to be rom com, it should have had a better pace.
The movie, even though carries Hurman delivering perfectly timed complements to Priyanka’s characters, fails to bring the charm and attraction, which can hold the audience to the seats.
Even though Priyanka has tried her best to do justice the 12 characters, she has failed to deliver the character with a natural touch. But yet her grace is really appealing. Hurman Baweja has a comfortable screen presence and a compelling connect with the viewer. The chemistry between Hurman and Priyanka is note-worthy.
The conclusion is also very much confusing.
In short this is just a one-time watch.

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