The music of 'What’s Your Rashee' is not something which will be a treat for the music lovers.

What’s Your Rashee Music Review
Last Updated: 2009-08-24T11:46:59+05:30
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What’s Your Rashee Music Review
What’s Your Rashee
What’s Your Rashee
Director: Ashutosh Gowariker
Music: Sohail Sen
Singers: Sohail Sen, Alka Yagnik, Madhushree, Aslesha Gowariker, Tarannum Malik, Bela Shende, Udit Narayan, Rajab Ali Bharti, Bhavya Pandit, Shaan, Marianne D’Cruz, Pamela Jain, Ashutosh Gowariker
‘What’s Your Rashee?’ is the next venture of Ashutosh Gowariker that brings Priyanka Chopra and Hurman Baweja together for the first time after Love Story 2050.
Composing 13 songs is no easy job and hats off to Sohail Sen who has tried his max to provide variety on the album. At least, there are no done-to-death Punjabi and hip-hop tracks.
The album does not feature any high notes and most of the tunes lack coordination. The lyrics, which are written by Javed Akhtar, do not leave any impression.
The album has new voices like those of Tarannum Malik and Aslesha Gowariker, from whom would like have more songs.
Barring Jao Na, the title track and Salone Kya, the other songs will not gather our attention at the first instant. They are all situational and you might like once you see them in videos or in the movie.
The title track for Aries is a jazz song that kicks off with the familiar notes of a saxophone. Despite being an interesting attempt, it fails to join the league of Tu Bole from Jaane Tu yaa Jaane Na. Sohail Sen is the singer and composer on the track. Even though it is not that bad, people may feel that it is very uninteresting. It is a kind of song that will help you sleep at night.
Jao Na for Aquarius comes with romantic guitar notes for the flirty and congenial sign. It has Sohail Sen on the vocals again, accompanied by Tarannum Malik. This is a sweet song with a catchy, sing along tune but with a comparatively slower pace than expected.
Aaja Lehrate is for the dancer Gemini. Shaan has crooned for the song with the female voice lent by the newcomer, Bhavya Pandit. This song is similar to the normal reggae/hip-hop tracks which we get to hear. We can feel that a zing of energy is required. The song loses its tempo, despite the presence of remix bit at the end which is so weird and ends abruptly. This can be a part of the music which is played at a garden party.
Bikhri Bikhri is for Cancerians. It has Sohail Sen’s flat vocals with the silken voiced Marianne D’Cruz whose smooth vocals are the only saving grace of the slow and uninteresting wannabe-ghazal love song.
Maanunga Maanunga is for Libra. Ashutosh Gowariker’s vocals are instantly recognizable which give the listeners the feel of Pal Pal hai Bhaari from Swades. The electronic and rock beats on the album are a total mismatch. The lyrics are funny with switch-on-switch-off and other such pedestrian lyrics. Pamela Jain yells through the song which ends abruptly, leaving you confused yet glad that it got over.
Sau Janam is a love song for Pisceans which has syrupy voiced Madhushree along with Udit Narayan behind the mikes. This is the most conventional and identifiable song on the album.
Aa le Chal is for Scorpions. It offers an unusual vocal combination with Harman Baweja and Aslesha Gowariker. The latter is talented with an impressive voice range. It is a short song and Aslesha carries it all along.
Pyaari Pyaari, for Virgos, kicks off with the notes of a piano and the typical song is not something the music lovers may not even listen to. Sohail Sen has crooned for this song.
Su Chhe is the song for Taureans. Peppered with Gujarati lyrics and sung by Sohail Sen and Bela Shende, it tries to be peppy and funny. But bad luck!!!!!!!
Salone Kya for Sagittarians has the harmonium cord in the beginning. It sounds like a Spanish song. The sensual and heady flavour is captured well and the song succeeds at seducing you. Tarannum Mali and Sohail Sen do a good job in this song.
Dhadkan Dhadkan is for Leos. It has an Opera-sort-of-dramatic-beginning. Tarannum impresses again but Sohail Sen again feels to impress the music lovers. It is a very situation and dramatic song.
Soothing guitar notes set the tone for Koi Jaane Na, for Capricorns. It reminds us of Dor, with a very rustic or Rajasthani feel. Rajab Ali Bharti’s vocals are a welcome break and he sings the song very well, in a desi manner.
Finally the last song. Chehre Jo Dekhe Hain sounds interesting, very musch in league with Humdum Soniyo Re, but not as good. Sohail Sen is back on the last song. The lyrics are about all the girls he has met. The tunes are a revision of the previous songs.
On the whole, the music from this movie is not something which will be a treat for the music lovers.

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