Now, when Sonam has finally given a hit, she has got a little liberty to express her thoughts. She speaks frankly about her latest release and the rise and fall of actors in Bollywood.

Sonam’s Frank Speak
Last Updated: 2010-07-14T13:13:39+05:30
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Sonam’s Frank Speak
Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor is enjoying the glory of the latest ‘IHLS’ success, but she speaks quite freely about Bollywood industry. Her freedom of speech comes from the little hint of stardom added to her 3 movies old portfolio.

Karan Johar was the person, who recognized Sonam as an unpolished stone, which can be brought to use if polished well. He offered her the lead role in ‘IHLS’ opposite to Imran Khan.

Sonam does not totally rely on the perception of the Bollywood filmmakers and she quips, “I can't comment on people perception about me. How can I? People would tell something on my face but would have an altogether different perception about me. May be they would say different things about me on my back.”

She also gives her frank opinion on the rise and fall of the Bollywood actors. She further adds, “This happens to the best in the business. Everything goes up and come down. It is gravity and one of the rules of life. Of course it is not amusing but then it should not go into one's head. You should do well and create something ground breaking, something which is real and will always be remembered."
Well, honest opinion and a little too frank, anyways this is the way it is going to be as she has three more releases lined up her way. The latest release is ‘Aisha’, where she plays as the perfect stylish chic.

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