‘IHLS’ has given a makeover to the dull and traditional image of Sonam and Imran. The added cream to the story is that Sonam is talking about Imran, she is ‘praising’ him with a defensive attitude!

Sonam In Love?
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Sonam In Love?
Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor
Now it’s a must to know and talk! Well, the latest hot girl of the Tinsel Town has something on Imran Khan or it is either way? It seems the girl has got the actual ‘IHLS’ effect! Too much taken away from the movie’s story.
Whenever a person talks about somebody and points at something or the other (in a positive manner), then there is something really fishy about it. Now see, how Sonam is trying to put her emotions defensively for Imran.

Now judge yourself, she says, “I think Imran Khan has a crush on me and wants my attention all the time. When I saw him in his debut film, I thought he looked hot (what lips, those eyelashes!)... but then I realized he was taken and I don’t get into other people’s territory.”

There is no better way to vent out one’s hidden emotions! Well, Sonam, Imran must be feeling so sorry for you as he is going to get married soon to his love of life, Avantika Mallik.

 Now the sweet chocolate boy adds on poor Sonam’s feelings, “Sonam has the habit of gushing whereas I’m always to the point... but she’s pretty.”

‘I Hate Love Storys’ have imparted a sexy image to Imran, but Imran doesn’t agree with such thoughts. He adds, “I am what my family thinks I am... and they don’t think I’m sexy.”

Surprisingly Sonam adds, “I think he is. In fact, Imran is gorgeous. But, I think, John Abraham has better butts... Imran’s other qualities make up for it, he’s humble and sincere and takes criticism in his stride.”
What a way to appreciate people, well it completely reflects from her statements that she can just say John’s name in between so that she is not misquoted!
Sonam may be fancying Imran even in her next movie, but Imran doesn’t have any similar ideas. He adds, “I wouldn’t mind working with Sonam again.”
But he also says that he would like to act with Priyanka or Kareena!

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