Rahul got evicted the last week, he had qualms with the in house mates but now he promises honesty without any sarcasm and he has got a full list of gifts for his friends locked in the house.

Rahul Bhatt Plans Gifts For His ‘Bigg Boss’ Contestants
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Rahul Bhatt Plans Gifts For His ‘Bigg Boss’ Contestants
Rahul Bhatt had a tone of sarcasm when he got evicted the last Friday, but now he seems so soaked into honesty and friendship that he has a full list ready of gifts which he might give to the contestants of ‘Bigg Boss’.
Apart from asking Rahul all sorts of revengeful questions, he was also asked that what he would gift each participant and the fitness freak has a full list gifts ready for them.
He starts with Veena Malik and ends with Sameer Soni, but the gifts he has planned are just proper for the participants.
Rahul says for Veena, “A pair of stilettos! She already has twenty pairs, I'd do a good deed by adding to her collection. “
Dolly Bindra, “I'd give her something for the kitchen; she's such a good cook... “
Shweta Tiwari, “She's the Meryl Streep of India !A mirror would be a good thing to gift her...”
Aanchal Kumar, “Now this one has to be special... a ring of some sort, I think. “
Well, for everyone else the gift was planned in a simple way, but for Aanchal, Rahul plans something special, so does it mean that even Rahul was smitten by her beauty?
For Seema Parihar he says, “It looks like she will eventually be a political bigwig, so a limited edition of a Smith and Wesson revolver. She has fired many, so this one, too, I'm sure would be no problem.”

For Sarah-Ali, Rahul says, “Handcuffs. That way they'll stay together and neither will run away. Or they can do whatever else they want with it. “
He also discloses the fact, that Khali perspires a lot and he thinks that a perfume would be a very special gifts for him!
He says, “Lots of perfumes. He perspires a lot. I've even washed his clothes, so I'd know.”
Rahul wishes to gift a nice pair of spectacles to Samir Soni as he thinks it suits him and for Ashmit he thinks a full year subscription of proteins would be a suitable gift for him.
For Hrishant, he says a good role in Bollywood as he deserves one and Manoj Tiwari a wardrobe full of Khadi.

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