Sara Khan, the drama queen in ‘Bigg Boss’ confronted her fiancé Ali Merchant, she told him that she and Ashmit are just friends and nothing is cooking up.

Sara Confronts Ali Merchant In ‘Bigg Boss’
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Sara Confronts Ali Merchant On ‘Bigg Boss’
Ali Merchant, Sara Khan
Ali Merchant, Sara Khan
Sara Khan was in the most critical situation of her life when her fiancé Ali Merchant came on the sets of ‘Bigg Boss’. She explained to him briefly that she and Ashmit are just friends and even blamed Ali for her behavior.
Sara met Ali as a caretaker for a dog in the task area, Ali came wearing the outfit of a dog and when Sara discovered that the person inside was her own fiancée then she got the shock of her life.
The moment was very critical for Sara as she was supposed to explain to Ali about her growing affection for Ashmit. But, Ali was very cool on the show and he just took Sara inside a room, surprisingly wild cat Dolly also accompanied them.
Another surprising factor which came up during that time, was Ashmit said to Ali in regard to Veena Malik that now they have one more couple to compete with, indirectly pointing that he and Veena are a couple now.
Later, the conversation between Sara and Ali started in presence of Dolly and Sara explained to Ali that she and Ashmit are just good friends, she just thinks that he is a very dear friend and ‘Bigg Boss’ captures only those moments which can increase the TRP.
But, wild cat Dolly said that Sara had been wrong from the starting and her attitude towards her relationship with Ali had not been genuine. But, Ali hugged Sara and said that he understands what’s going on, but Sara said to Ali indirectly that whatever is going on is because of him only, as he was not giving her enough time.

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