Rahul Bhatt got eliminated from ‘Bigg Boss’ the last Friday night, he says that this season’s show is a scripted one and everything is pre-planned to raise TRP’s.

Rahul Bhatt Says, ‘Bigg Boss’ Is Scripted
Last Updated: 2010-11-08T08:54:21+05:30
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Rahul Bhatt Says, ‘Bigg Boss’ Is Scripted
Last Friday evicted contestant, Rahul Bhatt says that ‘Bigg Boss’ is a scripted show this time, and every act is the result of a well-thought script so that TRP’s could be raised to the maximum.
Rahul adds, “I thought I would stay a couple of weeks longer. But when somebody like Seema Parihar has been saved after being nominated thrice and Sara Khan re-entered after being taken out, I realized that it is all being scripted and manufactured to generate TRPs.”
He also said that he was playing safe, but couldn’t do drama like the other contestants to raise TRP’s and so he was eliminated from the show. Junior Bhatt also said that his acts couldn’t entertain the audiences, so his elimination was obvious.
Rahul Bhatt said, “The evictions are not happening through public voting.”
“Of course it is all scripted! It is all for TRPs (Television Rating Points). Drama, fights and romance is all that the audience wants to see ¦and that's all that the channel wants to show. In my opinion, some of those who are doing a nautanki on the show are thoroughly briefed.”
He said that the ‘key-players’ of the show are ‘monkeys. ’as they exactly do whatever the channel asks them.
Rahul ended saying that even the Veena-Hrishant affair is fake and it is just happening as it is a part of script, also the marriage of Sara-Ali is the biggest TRP stunt.

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