The chirpy-sportive cute actress Genelia Dísouza was looking at her best as a Gully Cricketer in UTV Bindass Cricket match.

Genelia Dísouza's As A Gully Cricketer!
Last Updated: 2010-01-11T18:05:30+05:30
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Genelia Dísouza's As A Gully Cricketer!
Genelia D'souza
Genelia D'souza
UTV's 'Bindass', organised  a promotional fun-filled Gully Cricket match where Genelia D’souza had taken a part in this light play event, along with the contestants of the popular reality show 'Sunsilk Big Switch'.

In this sport event Siddartha and Mohita led the two teams respectively, performed well   fighting out their sweats to win their prestigious UTV 'Sunsilk Bindass Big Switch' trophy.

Though Genelia kept the audience mesmerized, while the two teams took the event to an exciting note and over joyed the audience. The match between the six member from each team dreamers and rich kids turned the crowds nostalgic.

Genelia who seemed to have enjoyed the event, stated “The match has been a great experience & has only helped strengthen my bond with the Big Switch participants. It didn’t matter as to who won or lost the match, the agenda of further building my bond with the contestants of this innovative show has been met with this initiative”.
It was a huge success for the channel and excited Heather Gupta, Channel Head of UTV Bindass, adds “As innovation is one of the key platforms of Bindass, a gully cricket-match is the perfect event for the Big Switch team, not only strengthening the connection between participants but also reaching out to audiences at a national level.”
Eventually at the day end it was Genelia, who was on everyone’s mind, the charm of the event.

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