Beloved of Bollywood Akshay Kumar, set to hit Indian screen 2010 with couple of films under noted directors.

Akshay Kumar Back In Form!
Last Updated: 2010-01-11T15:19:50+05:30
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Akshay Kumar Back In Form!

 Akshay Kumar the reigning heartthrob of Bollywood is a hero for whom fans eagerly awaits  for new release.

King of action hero in Bollywood has lots of film in a string, Priyadarshan’s ‘Khatta Meetha’, Sajid Nadiawala’s ‘Housefull’, Nikhil Advani’s ‘Patiala House’ and Farah Khan’s ‘Tees Maar Khan’, the year seems to be quite promising for the actor.
The public will get often to see their action hero on screen. In the latest upcoming film ‘Khatta Meetha’, Akshay will play the role of a common man, that’s what Priyadarshan wants to place him in a different shade apart from his action hero image.
The film has a satirical note constructed on a real life story based on the road-mafia prevalent in Bihar and parts of UP. This film unveils the farce of the common man, for which Akshaya has to muscle up with acting skills to get into the character of a common man in a critical note.
Evidently, Akshay never disappoints his public expectation, who is also known as a quality actor and a stunner in comic roles. Counting on this factors, he is opted as the perfect actor for the role of a comic common with a touch from RK Laxman’s famous characters.
It is a film of challenging role and much of to Akshaya’s expectation to provide abundant entertainment to the people. ‘Khatta Meetha’, produced under Akshay’s banner Hari Om Productions, we hope this film becomes memorable of kind and wish all the best to our all rounder super hero Akshay.


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