Karan Johar is full in praise for Raju Hirani and applauds his honesty.

Karan Johar Moved By Raju Hirani's Honesty
Last Updated: 2010-01-11T15:28:37+05:30
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Karan Johar Moved By Raju Hirani's Honesty
Karan Johar
Karan Johar

There are unaccountable lots like Hirani in the industry, but to leave a mark of impression on big ones like Karan Johar of Bollywood, is surely unusual.
What impressed Johar was Hirani’s consistency and quality of work, which he delivered unselfishly, without making money a prior issue in his life. After his success with 'Munnabhai', he received lucrative offers to which he often declined, for he believed in sticking with Vinod Chopra. The result is that when they make comeback, they always create history and a rage with their theme that leaves an unsurpassable mark on the audience.
In favor of Hirani, he commented "We make films for money but money is not always important, Raju could have easily opted for few extra crores and made at least Munnabhai’s and gone laughing to the bank every time, but he stuck to his believe of cinema and was totally honest with himself his cinema and the person who gave him the chance" and the result is there in front of everyone.
Recently he once again portrayed his unique skill in '3 Idiots'.
Looking on to this question, we found Karan to have a reasonable answer to his success, which is definitely due to his honesty delivered with consistency. His experimentation with different thought for his new project and literally that genuinely collides with public sentiments.
He is someone who sincerely feels for the public and uplifts the spirit of the audience, stating it is not the time to watch but to act boldly in righteous way.
Karan remained speechless by his outstanding job that came out too well this time. He added, “'3 Idiots’ has raised the bar to such a level that it has become very difficult for us to surpass that level.”
Well as Karan perceives Hirani’s success is due to his landmark quality like honesty with consistency. So does we believe other directors should make a sincere contribution towards the public like Hirani, which is rare in Bollywood industry.

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