Do Dooni Chaar is a story about an average earning family and their dreams, crisis, aspirations and challenges which they face daily. Read on for Do Dooni Chaar movie review in detail.

Do Dooni Chaar Review: Do Dooni Chaar Movie Review
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Do Dooni Chaar Review: Do Dooni Chaar Movie Review
Do Dooni Chaar
Do Dooni Chaar
Director: Habib Faisal
Star Cast: Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singh, Aditi Vasudev, Archit Krishna
Do Dooni Chaar is a beautiful cinema which portrays the life of an average middle class family of four - Santosh Duggal (Rishi Kapoor) as a mathematics schoolteacher, his wife Kusum Duggal (Neetu Kapoor) who is a housewife and their two beautiful children Sandy Duggal (Archit Krishna) and Payal Duggal (Aditi Vasudev).
Santosh Duggal earns only that much which enables him to manage make the family’s ends meet. However, his daughter Payal Duggal and son Sandy Duggal dream of leading a rich lifestyle which they naturally cannot afford.
Sandy Duggal in a bid to improve his living standard gets into betting business. Meanwhile Santosh also takes some coaching classes but still he finds it difficult to satisfy the needs of his family.
The real story of the movie starts when Santosh plans to buy a car for his family. All he thinks about is the car models, EMI, bank loans and payments which need to be made. Santosh who usually rides a two wheeler, leaves no stone unturned to accomplish his dream of owning a four wheeler.  The complete movie plot is based on Duggal buying a car.
The car in the movie is nothing but a common man’s dream. This movie has a deep connection with every common man because it shares the same insecurities, demands, dreams and of course crisis. Director Habib Faisal shows some deep facts about life in a very light hearted and touching way. There is nothing unrealistic in the movie and even the characters are very much like every one of us. Nice dialogues backup the good script which is has a Delhi flavour but  very meaningful.
Santosh Duggal is depicted as an honest and truthful man. The most touching part of the flick is when Santosh finds out that his son is on the wrong way of life for getting quick money. He neither gets furious nor emotional; he tackles the situation in a much matured way which only strengthens his relationship with his son.
The best part of the movie is that we would be able to relate ourselves to the characters shown in the movie. The instances shown in the movie might have occurred in everyone’s life but, in some other form.
The dialogues, direction, art direction and music of the movie all are worth appretiating. Neetu Kapoor is back to acting after so many years but, yet she is just the same. She suits her character so much and it seemed that she was completely inside the character’s skin. Rishi Kapoor also gave a very matured and sensible performance and the husband-wife chemistry is just perfect.
Even the children, Archit Krishna and Aditi Vasudev are very camera-friendly and natural. They have given  flawless performance.

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