The movie shows the tough periods of life, where family members surrender towards the inevitable. The distinction gained by this Karan Johar movie is that the acceptance is emotional and positive.

‘We Are Family’ Review- ‘We Are Family’ Movie Review
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‘We Are Family’ Review- ‘We Are Family’ Movie Review
Director- Siddharth Malhotra
Star Cast- Kajol, Kareena, Arjun Rampal, Aanchal Munjal, Nominath Ginsburg and Diya Sonecha

This Karan Johar production movie reflects his style which carries the capability of wetting your hankies, making you think about his movie with involvement and empathy. ‘We Are Family’ is about people, whose life takes a dramatic turn and just changes everything around. 

Arjun Rampal is a professional photographer and plays the role of ‘Aman’, Kajol plays the role of his ex-wife called ‘Maya’. Kareena Kapoor called Shreya plays the role of Aman’s girlfriend. 
The divorce between Aman and Maya was not a hostile one, so they both jointly take care of their three children Aliya (Anjalil), Ankush (Nominath) and Anjali (Diya). Between all the three kids, the smallest one is Anjali who gives a new definition to the word ‘cute’. 
The movie is presented with the perfect aesthetics and backdrop exclusive from the house of Karan Johar. However, shooting the movie in a non-exciting and dull bluish light does not exactly lift your mood and enthusiasm.  

As a crisis occurs in the family and poor Aman who has the responsibility of bringing up three kids introduces his beautiful, sexy girl friend to his house, where lives the three musketeers as his kids! But, the kids openly announce their non-acceptance for the curvy glamorous lady as their stepmom. 

Since, Karan Johar officially declared that the movie is an official remake of Julia Robert starrer ‘Stepmom’, so comparisons gets into picture at every step. Some scenes are clearly taken from the movie and that makes Siddharth Malhotra’s hard work questionable.

The tailor-made Indianised flavored film takes the Bollywood way when Kareena and Kajol dance to the tunes of a disco song! 
Tragedy strikes the family when supermom Kajol gets diagnosed with cervical cancer and she is left with a few days to live. She is mostly seen in the movie without make-up while Kareena clearly reflects the glam quotient, in her skimpy dressing style. 
In the mid of the sad and gloomy atmosphere because of Kajol’s terminal illness, the movie also has some crisp and light moments like a noodle and water war. Kids have given their best to the movie. Shreya, the fashion designer or mom part two in the movie also seems to justify her presence and as usual Kajol rocks! 
The movie precedes ahead but with a lack of final taste and the climax surprisingly takes an age leap which shows the wedding of the eldest daughter Aliya. The movie ends raising question marks.

It is more than an average watch and in all a typical Karan Johar style, with uncertain endings and pain of the inevitable situations.   

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