‘Dabangg’ is a perfect masala film with all the elements of comedy, action, emotions, in fact it would be right to say, ‘Is Film Main Sab Kuch Hai Aur Saath Main Salman Khan Bhi!'

‘Dabangg’ Review – ‘Dabangg’ Movie Review
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‘Dabangg’ Review – ‘Dabangg’ Movie Review
Salman Khan
Salman Khan

Director- Abhinav Kashyap

Star Cast- Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Arbaaz Khan, Vinod Khanna, Dimple Kapadia and Sonu Sood.

Salman Khan aka Chulbul Pandey is indeed the soul of the movie; nobody can do it better than him! Sonakshi (Rajjo) is the typical village girl who tries to convert Salman as ethical cop from a corrupt one.

This film has the best nick names ever like our very own Arbaaz Khan, who plays the role of ‘Makkhi’ (Salman’s step brother) and Sonu Sood playing a negative role in the overall story has the funniest name among all ‘Cheddi Singh’!

Well, beginning with the story, the movie is set in a typical UP village, Lalganj, where lives our fearless corrupt cop, Chulbul Pandey, he gives criminals hell, but ensures that he gains from it fully! It’s a movie which promises you to provide entertainment at every step.
For example, in a particular scene, Chulbul beats a group of robbers, who loot a bank, after giving them beating like hell; he walks away with the money and keeps it for himself.
As a child, Chulbul always faced bad luck, he lost his dad and his mom (Dimple) married another man (Khanna) called Prajapati, though Chulbul lives with them, but he hates his father (as he hates him) and his step brother ‘Makkhi’ also.
Chulbul gets smitten by the killing looks of Rajjo, the perfect ‘Gao Ki Gori’, when she tells him that ‘Pyaar se dar lagta hai babu, thappad se nahi’ and Chulbul sings ‘Tere Mast Mast 2 Nain’ for her and falls for her.
Rajjo in fact stands well opposite to Chulbul, but of course is not able to steal the spot light totally towards her, but she is the only beautiful thing in the movie, to be seen by countless spectators. In the whole story, she tries to change corrupt Chulbul , who is always true to himself and everyone around.
Cheddi Singh, a local politician envies Chulbul and tries to create a fight between Makhhi and the corrupt cop, Chulbul. Chhedi also has a personal photographer who follows him everywhere and goes “Bhaiyyaji, photu” every now and then. You can’t help but giggle and laugh!
The story of the movie revolves around a dysfunctional family, who comes together at the time of crisis and sacrifices for each other. The movie is full of killing dialogues by Chulbul and of course his fart related comments!
Malaika Arora Khan or Munni is an inevitable part to be mentioned in the movie and she steals the spot light better than anyone else with her sexy item number ‘Munni Badnam’. It is also the entry scene of Chulbul in the film when Cheddi is trying to serenade her.
Overall, it is a full entertainment family pack with distinguishing features of every single character in the film and of course Chulbul’s dialogue’s being the best part in it, you will love it even and ignore the prominent flaws also.

Chulbul’s shirt ripping in the climax leaves you speechless and that’s all about a Salman Khan’s film! If it is not going to be a blockbuster as it doesn’t have even the minutest of the seriousness to be one, but it will certainly be better than many other recently released ones.

It is more than a ‘Good’ watch, debutant director Abhinav Kashyap hasn’t left any stone unturned to make it a success, wonder if the other newcomers are envying him?

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