The latest promotions of the movie ‘Peepli Live’ took place in New York. It is the fourth movie from Aamir’s production house and it is set to release on August 13.

Aamir Khan Promotes ‘Peepli Live' In New York
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Aamir Khan Promotes ‘Peepli Live' In New York
Peepli Live
Peepli Live

Aamir is happy, nervous and anxious now-a-days as his upcoming production house movie is all set for its release. In spite of a very low budget and absence of a star cast, the movie has sought a lot of attention. The latest promotions of the movie took place in New York.

Directed by debutante director Anusha Rizvi, ‘Peepli Live’ is a comical-satire on the Indian rural and urban divide. It deals with the cases of farmer’s suicide and showcases the major government issues of the Indian society in a very funny way.

There is no star cast in the movie and some local artist have enacted in it. Bollywood comedian Rajpal Yadav is also a part of it.

Aamir while promoting ‘Peepli Live’ in New York said, “I really like the script. It is a funny film. It takes a very comic look on our society, so it is very funny and along with it is a very thought provoking film, so I liked it very much.”

He further appreciated the works of the actors in the film and said, “I think actors of this film have done a great job. In fact, the actors of this film are all new but the kind of work they have done it - when I saw the movie, I felt that I have been working since 20 years, but these actors are 10 times ahead of me in their first film. So they have done very good work, and I think when you will see the movie you will not believe that you are seeing it. You will feel it is actually happening and it has its own fun.”
Well, it is sure that this peanut budget film from Aamir’s production house is going to rock and will pose a tough competition to the latest releases. Aamir is also working on his fourth coming productions like ‘Dhobhi Ghat’ and ‘Delhi Belly’.

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