As the time of the ‘Peepli Live’ release is nearing, Aamir Khan is getting nervous. It’s surprising that even after being such a big name in the B-Town, he still gets attacked by uneasiness.

Aamir Khan: 'Butterflies In My Stomach'
Last Updated: 2010-07-31T09:55:07+05:30
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Aamir Khan: “Butterflies In My Stomach”
Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan
13th August is the release date of the fourth production house movie of Aamir Khan and he is extremely nervous about it. Since, the movie is a small budget film and it doesn’t have a big star cast , it is just subject to the support of audience.

Now, in order to promote his new movie, Aamir has come forward and is requesting the crowd to see ‘Peepli Live’. His statements on his blog speak widely of his anxious and panickey state.

Aamir writes on his blog, "As 13th Aug gets closer, the butterflies in my stomach are really beginning to flutter around. Have lost my appetite and my sleep.”

He further adds, "I'm really depending on you guys (audiences) this time round for support. This is an especially tough one with no big stars and a film based in a rural background."

In fact, he is not only persuading Indian crowd ,but is also requesting those who lives outside India and have never seen a Hindi film.

He writes, “For those of you living outside India please tell all your friends, neighbors, colleagues, gardeners etc, who may not have ever seen an Indian film before, to give this one a try. Assuming you like it of course.”
Well, Aamir is may be feeling nervous and must have crossed his fingers, but it’s true that the movie has already been accepted by the Indian society. The wait is desperate and the movie is assumed to be a hit already.

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