If you have seen the Hollywood flick ‘Mississippi Burning’, then you will find it ‘Aakrosh’ as a copy of it, however it is based more on honor killings in India.

‘Aaksrosh’ Review- ‘Aakrosh’ Movie Review
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‘Aaksrosh’ Review- ‘Aakrosh’ Movie Review
Ajay Devgan, Bipasha Basu
Ajay Devgan, Bipasha Basu

Director- Priyadarshan

Star Cast- Ajay Devgan, Bipasha Basu, Akshaye Khanna, Paresh Rawal

‘Aakrosh’ meaning fury or resentment is a good cinema to watch but it is full of duplicate work, mostly inspired by the English movie ‘Mississippi Burning’, although the Indian approach is quite striking and builds a special place in your heart.
Ajay Devgan plays the role of ‘Pratap’, he is a CBI agent while Paresh Rawal plays the role of a corrupt cop and discusses sex with a virgin at work whereas Akshay Khanna plays the role of another CBI officer Siddhant.

An intense Priyadarshan film with lot of harsh words, acidic story and typical portray of Indian caste system, it shows the attitude of the people living in the villages who flatly refuses to change their thinking about caste and marriages.

Brutal killings and the strong nature of them will make you think that India is still in its bottom most pits and has not able to come out of it. Beginning with the story, ‘Aakrosh’ revolves around the story of a lower cast guy, who goes with his other two friends to home town, ‘Jhanjar’.

Here begins the comparisons that the film is purely copied from ‘Mississippi Burning’ where two FBI agents go to South America to investigate the disappearance of three civil rights activists.

While, in Priyadarshan's new offering the two police officers go to a village in a typical Indian set up. Well, the story proceeds ahead with the missing of the two students out of three who went to their village.

Government sends Pratap and Siddhant to investigate the matter, but what’s this, we find our very own Paresh Rawal here, who is the typical, dirty police officer and makes the task of the two CBI appointed officers difficult.

Bipasha Basu, though in totally a deglam avatar has a great role in the film. She plays the role of ‘Geeta’, and loves Pratap (Ajay Devgan), dreams of being with him, but due to lower cast of Ajay Devgan, she is forced to marry Paresh Rawal.

Paresh Rawal abuses her physically and mentally, he beats her badly and so she gradually becomes like a dead body.

Pratap and Siddhant try their best to find out the bad guys who abducted the students. The chase sequence scenes are really striking and it is again Ajay Devgan who makes a punch in the movie.

There lies a tug of war between the opponents and the CBI officers. At last Priyadarshan leaves some hope from the movie, but needless to say that the movie is a replica of ‘Mississippi Burning’, but it plants the seed of a final full stop to honor killings and cast system in India. Music is great by Pritam and Samira Reddy steals the spotlight by her ‘Isak se Meetha’ item number.

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