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Last Updated: 2010-07-16T11:32:34+05:30
Courteney Cox Courteney Cox of ‘Friends’ fame is not lazy about her marriage with David Arquette as the pair takes regular therapy to keep the romance in their marriage alive. Cox married Arquette in 1999 and has a daughter Coco Riley.
The 46-year-old star admitted that they have undertaken ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-16T10:28:27+05:30
Kylie Minogue Pop diva Kylie Minogue who has successfully survived for twenty three years in the music industry feels that young singer Lady Gaga is a tough competitor, but in healthy spirits. The Australian beauty admitted that she is so inspired by Lady Gaga that she had to rethink about creating her new ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-14T16:53:20+05:30
Kourtney Kardashian Reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian was so obsessed with losing weight that she passed out during a workout session.
After the scare, Kourtney, 31, said,"I'm so embarrassed that I punished my body for a photo shoot. I've been obsessing about this weight thing a little too ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-14T16:44:12+05:30
Michael Jackson Fans of late Pop star Michael Jackson have defaced his tomb in California with tributes in permanent ink.
Jackson was buried at the Forest Lawn Cemetery memorial in Glendale, California following his death last year. Ever since, fans have flocked to pay their respects.
Some ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-14T16:31:49+05:30
Simon Cowell British singer Cheryl Cole who is down with malaria is feeling better as claimed by her pal and media mogul Simon Cowell. The media icon said that the young singer is ‘better and feeling perky’.
The Girls Aloud star has been hospitalised in the U.K. since she was diagnosed ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-14T16:11:08+05:30
Al Pacino Versatile actor Al Pacino after spreading magic in Hollywood movies is set to storm the small screen with his latest coffee TV advertisement. For the first time Pacino has agreed to star in a commercial.   
In the advertisement, the 70- year old actor is seen promoting Australian ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-14T15:05:44+05:30
Orlando Bloom Actor Orlando Bloom has added one more degree to his resume as he has been bestowed with an honorary degree from the University of Kent in a ceremony at Britain's Canterbury Cathedral.
Earlier, 33-year-old star had received a degree from London's Guildhall School of Music and ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-14T14:45:18+05:30
Lindsay Lohan The beauty who is trapped in legal trouble, Lindsay Lohan is finding out ways to keep her spirits high while spending 90 days behind bars. It seems that Lohan has turned to self-help books as she was spotted carrying author Susan Shapiro Barash's book ‘Toxic Friends: The Antidote for Women ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-14T14:18:47+05:30
Kate Winslet The broken marriage of Academy Award winning actress Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes is not heading to reconciliation as claimed by the British director’s representative.
Lately, the news was doing the rounds that the British beauty and Mendes are working towards saving their seven ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-14T13:03:43+05:30
Angelina Jolie Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie was highly impressed after meeting real life agents for her upcoming flick, ‘Salt’.  The actress said that they looked ‘soft and sweet’ like a mother.
Jolie is portraying the role of a CIA officer in the forthcoming big budget ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-14T12:30:20+05:30
Lindsay Lohan Troubled beauty Lindsay Lohan is hogging headlines for her legal troubles and now if sources are to be believed media is so eager to know all about her legal sufferings that she has been offered $500,000 to tell all in a television interview.  
The bosses of a US TV channel has ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-14T12:03:00+05:30
Peter Andre Australian singer Peter Andre who suffered a severe chest pain last week feared that he will die. The ‘Mysterious Girl’ hitmaker was out jogging near his home in West Sussex, south England when he collapsed in agony, clutching his torso fearing that he has suffered heart attack. ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-14T11:40:43+05:30
Kylie Minogue Pop diva Kylie Minogue will not fear criticism anymore as she has written history with her new music offering. Minogue has managed to become the first solo artist to have four number one albums in different decades in the British charts.
The 11th studio album of the Australian beauty ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-14T10:07:58+05:30
Penelope Cruz They are the hottest couple of Hollywood, deeply in love with each other and now Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem are officially man & wife.  In a private ceremony the Spanish beauty entered the wedlock with long time beau, actor Javier Bardem.
Amanda Silverman, the representative ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-13T15:50:06+05:30
Cheryl Cole Dancer Derek Hough has spoken of his overwhelming ‘guilt’ after taking Cheryl Cole to Africa, where she contracted malaria from a mosquito.
The Dancing With The Stars pro reveals he spends every moment desperately ‘praying’ for the Girls Aloud pop star's speedy ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-13T15:56:47+05:30
Lindsay Lohan Defence attorney Stuart V. Goldberg has spoken of his worries for Lindsay Lohan, insisting the jail bound actress lacks awareness of the urgency of her dire situation.
Goldberg was contacted by the Mean Girls star after her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley attempted to resign last week and held ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-13T13:01:49+05:30
Katie Price Glamour model Katie Price also known as Jordan is eager to add more quotients to her career by becoming the face of well-known lingerie brand Victoria's Secret.
Price, 32 who is often in news for her spicy personal life wants to concentrate back on modelling and believes that she is ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-13T12:42:10+05:30
Kylie Minogue Australian pop icon Kylie Minogue is not strong enough to take criticism in a positive way and often gets upsets after reading poor reviews of her songs. The singer admitted that the poor response to her tracks pinches her like knife.
"It cuts like a knife if I read a bad review. But ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-13T12:27:56+05:30
Pamela Anderson Sex symbol Pamela Anderson who underwent a breast enlargement operation after appearing on the cover of Playboy magazine admits that she is not willing to go under knife for a youthful face as she would rather choose to age naturally.
Anderson, 43 said that she is scared of Botox and have ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-13T12:26:49+05:30
Angelina Jolie Hollywood’s sweetheart Angelina Jolie has dismissed the reports which stated that the beauty is planning to say goodbye to the glamorous world to concentrate on her partner, Brad Pitt and kids. But, Jolie altered the statement and said that ‘there will be fewer films at some ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-13T11:35:14+05:30
Angelina Jolie Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie is known for picking up the challenging and different roles that has proved to be a success mantra for the beauty.  
The ‘Tomb Raider’ actress is not ready to give up her style as after hoping to play James Bond she is now eager to portray ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-13T11:01:35+05:30
Miranda Kerr Supermodel Miranda Kerr who is engaged to Hollywood heartthrob Orlando Bloom believes that the actor would make a great father.
"I have always been very open about wanting to be a mother one day and I've always thought Orlando would be a great dad," said Kerr.
The ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-13T10:11:45+05:30
Janet Jackson Singer & actress Janet Jackson who is reportedly romantically linked with millionaire businessman Wissam Al Mana, a man almost a decade younger than her, insisted that age should not be a matter of concern where true love is involved.  
Janet, 44 said that she believes that there ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-13T09:52:54+05:30
Jennifer Lopez The decision of Jennifer Lopez to cancel her controversial Cyprus concert may have made some political leaders happy but it is not very well taken by the bosses of Cratos Premium, the new hotel complex for which J.Lo was to perform.
The bosses of the hotel complex are very upset with her ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-12T15:45:44+05:30
Nicole Scherzinger ‘Pussycat Dolls’ star Nicole Scherzinger seems quite inspired by singer Victoria Beckham's style.
For the second day in a row, Scherzinger turned up for ‘X Factor’ auditions in Manchester wearing outfits designed by Beckham.
Wearing a short black dress with ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-12T16:00:39+05:30
Britney Spears The makers of hit musical comedy drama ‘Glee’ are planning to dedicate one full episode to pop diva Britney Spears.
"We are writing a Britney Spears episode," Ryan Murphy, creator of the TV show quoted.
However, it was not clear whether Spears, 28, would ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-12T15:14:18+05:30
Kate Winslet Academy award winning actress Kate Winslet and her estranged husband Sam Mendes are trying the save the sinking boat of their marriage and are heading for a romantic break.
Few months back it was announced that the pair has ended their seven-year marriage. Just weeks after the split, ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-12T12:37:35+05:30
Robert Pattinson Robert Pattinson who is known as busiest actor of the time once had no work and was short of offers. But, the ‘Twilight’ actor wants to make the maximum use of his fame and desires to work till he drops.
Recalling his struggling days, the 24-year old actor said that before he ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-12T12:21:18+05:30
Katie Price- Alex Reid It seems nothing is going well between glamour model Katie Price and her cage-fighter husband Alex Reid. The couple who recently had a wedding blessing ceremony are finding it difficult to get along with one another on their honeymoon in Thailand.
According to Hollywood reports, the pair ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-12T11:41:23+05:30
Lily Allen Singer Lily Allen is on cloud nine as her work has finally been recognised by the world. Allen has been roped in to write the scores for the new ‘Bridget Jones's Diary’ musical.
The ‘Smile’ hitmaker insisted that she is grateful to be ‘recognised as a ...

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