A new book called “Sikhs Unlimited” written by Khushwant Singh places emphasis on providing the Sikhs an endearing look always.

Sikhs Unlimited Book Review
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Did Bangalore became the e-capital of India just because the then Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao insisted that southern states should also be a part of revolutions, since at that time Chandigarh had been befitted from Green Revolution? 
According to Gurujot Singh Khalsa, one of the pioneers of the off-shoring and back office processing business in India, he started his initial venture in northern India, but real time data transfer between India and the United States could begin only after the first satellite earth station was set up in Bangalore in December 1993.

Khalsa's HealthScribe Company was the first commercial subscriber to use its facilities for data transfer. Later, his other company First Ring became the first to do voice transfers, which set off the trend for the call center business.

This anecdote is related in a book titled "Sikhs Unlimited", and Gurujot Khalsa is one of the Sikhs profiled in the book. Punjab lost out to Bangalore, as even the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee did not take seriously Khalsa's proposal to jointly set up an earth station in Mohali in 1991, according to him.

The book maps the lives of Sikhs living aboard, celebrating the achievements of the Sikh Diaspora that has excelled in diverse fields - from the arts to theatre to entrepreneurship.

The author of the book, Khushwant Singh chose to spend time with his subjects, living in their homes to be able to draw personalized portraits of each of them.

The author's style is simple and readable. The book is written as a part travelogue, but it is the portraits of individuals that are interesting rather than the author's own journeys. He has selected an interesting group of people to write on - they are not just the usual bunch of non-resident celebrities. 
The portraits include entertainers like the standup comedian Sodhy Singh Kahlon of the Britain-based comedy troupe called Funjabis; Channi Singh, the King of Bhangra Pop and painters like the twin sisters, Amrit and Rabindra K.D. Singh, who have adapted the miniature style of paintings to depict contemporary themes.  The author has given many more illustrations. 
The book brings out the irony of Sikhs wearing turbans being targeted after the 9/11 terrorist strikes, when one of America's largest private security firms, Akal Security is owned by a Sikh. Guruteg Singh Khalsa's Akal Security provides security to American airports, courthouses, harbors and major corporate offices.

The author has done his homework well to portray engaging personalities and little known facts.