The book “Making Your First Job Your Dream Job” contains tips to ease you into the corporate world.

Making Your First Job Your Dream Job (Book Review)
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This book by Clare Maxfield is about the ways one person can adjust himself in the corporate world as he steps into it for the first time. 

We have all experienced the fear of the unknown. Entering the corporate world or making a transition to a new job can makes even the most confident person feel nervous. This is a valuable book which will guide you step by step about what to expect in a new working environment. 

The book also explains the do's and don'ts which can help a person to get ahead and may prevent him or her from making a faux pas. From information on how to write a resume to what to wear to work, the book answers many questions that are likely to arise while entering the corporate world. 

At the beginning, the author helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses which will enable you to determine what kind of job you may be best suited for. This is beneficial for those who are uncertain about what they may want to do.

One of the best things about this book is the way it has been structured. At the end of every chapter, Maxfield summarises the key points discussed. Moreover, she uses a number of quotations to inspire you and help you get ahead. 

No matter how much work experience you have, an interview can always be daunting. The book helps alleviate your anxiety by listing a number of likely questions an interviewer will ask and what kind of answers they may be looking for.

While the book covers a range of issues relating to the corporate world, some of the readers may find they are already familiar with some of the information. In such case, they need not read the entire book and can go on to the chapters that interest them.