Actor Robert Downey has claimed that the actress Scarlett Johansson is not just a simple eye candy in ‘Iron Man2’.

Scarlett Johansson Not Just An Eye Candy In ‘Iron Man2’
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Hollywood’s dashing actor Robert Downey who will soon be seen in his forthcoming flick, ‘Iron Man2’ has claimed that the bosses of the movie has roped in hot actress Scarlett Johansson in the movie not just because of her sexy looks.
The actor insisted that Johansson will be seen in the role of a sexy Russian spy and which is not just a simple eye candy.
Robert Downey quoted, "We were thrilled to get Scarlett and we said to her, You're not going to be some kind of Marvel spin-off story thing because we want a hot chick kicking in this movie.' And I think we managed that.”
Talking about the movie, ‘Iron Man2’ is the next installment of ‘Iron Man’. In the flick, Johansson will be seen engaged in a love triangle with Tony and his assistant Pepper Potts, which is played by Gwyneth Paltrow.
"A love triangle is a device, and a love triangle is convenient, and a love triangle - even done badly - is better than not having one at all," Robert explained.