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Taylor Swift
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Last Updated: 2011-01-22T11:13:26+05:30
Taylor Swift If recent reports are to be believed then country singer Taylor Swift and actor Jake Gyllenhall have given their relationship a second chance. The pair who had reportedly parted ways just after dating for two months was spotted spending time together at Swift`s favourite Nashville. ...

Last Updated: 2011-01-05T14:01:29+05:30
Taylor Swift Reports are pouring in that the sizzling pair of Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal has called it quits after dating for a short while. Reportedly the reason behind Swift and Jake’s breakup is constant media attention.
According to sources, Jake was furious with regular media cameras ...

Last Updated: 2010-12-22T15:39:17+05:30
Taylor Swift Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal is head to toe in love with country singer Taylor Swift that everyone knows but it has emerged that the star has gifted a costly diamond bracelet to the singer on her birthday.
It is said that the beauty who recently turned 21 received $100,000 worth ...

Last Updated: 2010-12-20T13:53:42+05:30
Taylor Swift The latest buzz in the H-town is that singer Taylor Swift’s beau Jake Gyllenhaal is reportedly planning to move in with the singer.
A source was quoted as saying, "Taylor is beaming and Jake has never been happier. They`re already dead set on moving in together and are talking ...

Last Updated: 2010-12-15T10:35:30+05:30
Taylor Swift Country star Taylor Swift who has achieved the peak of success in a matter of few years celebrated her 21st birthday recently and surprisingly the Swift spent her day working in the studio.
The star has no time to celebrate therefore her two close pals joined her in the studio and brought ...

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