It has emerged that Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal has gifted $100,000 worth diamond bracelet to country singer Taylor Swift.

Jake Gyllenhaal Gifts Taylor Swift A $100,000 Worth Diamond Bracelet
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Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal is head to toe in love with country singer Taylor Swift that everyone knows but it has emerged that the star has gifted a costly diamond bracelet to the singer on her birthday.
It is said that the beauty who recently turned 21 received $100,000 worth present from her beau.
Swift and Jake have been dating since October and are often photographed spending time together at coffee joints in New York and Tennessee. The pair also spent Thanksgiving together.
'It's an Oscar-worthy bracelet - nearly 30 carats of colourless diamonds set in white gold. It cost Jake about $100,000, but he wanted to do something special for Taylor's birthday,' a friend quoted.
'And he made her a birthday card, as opposed to buying a generic one,' the friend added.