Former Republican US vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin has put down her papers from the post of the governor of the state of Alaska.

Sarah Palin Resigns As Alaskan Governor
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Sarah Palin, the former Republican US vice-presidential candidate, has left unclear her future political plans on Sunday as she formally ended her tenure as governor of the state of Alaska.
Palin, 45, gave a shock to the political spectators earlier this month when she announced that she would give up the governor's office nearly a year and a half before her term was up, citing distractions caused by ongoing personal and political attacks.
Many commentators say leaving before her term expires diminishes her chances of a successful presidential campaign in 2012. Yet Palin remains popular with the Republican base and many of the party faithful say they hope she does make a run.
But in a weekend of farewell barbecues, Palin gave no insights into her upcoming plans, reported US media outlets, other than to say she wants to spend more time with her children and to make vague statements that she wants to work to improve America.
Palin was a relatively little-known governor in the summer of 2008 when John McCain, the 2008 Republican candidate for president, tapped her as his running mate. She quickly became a favourite of some conservatives for her Christian, pro-family stance.
But, a series of televised interviews which raised questions about her lack of diplomacy and grasp of current events horrified some more liberal voters.
Vice governor Sean Parnell is set to take over as governor of Alaska in a ceremony Sunday.