Salman Khan has denied the rumours that he has broken up with his beau, Katrina Kaif and mentioned that whatever the audience saw on the TV was a planned separation.

Salman Khan - Katrina Kaif Relation 'Intact'
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Few days back, certain channels were showing Salman Khan and his beau, Katrina Kaif, had arrived separately for the success bash of Kacnchivaram, which was organized by the producers of the movie, Percept. This had led to the speculation that they were not together anymore.
But when the bad boy of Bollywood was asked on the same by a daily, he mentioned that he was not aware of such an incident at all.
“I’ve been travelling. What is it that you are talking about? I haven’t see TV since yesterday,” he said.  When he was told and asked if he and Katrina were still together, he let out his trademark smile and mentioned that, “Oh! We didn’t come together because we didn’t want to give everyone present a photo op together. We are saving that for a special reason. Very soon, we’ll be making an appearance together.”
So for all those who were ‘worried’ about their separation, let me tell you that it was a planned ‘separation’.