Russell Crowe has revealed that he doesnot want actor sons.

Russell Crowe Not Happy With Acting Career For His Sons
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Versatile actor, Russell Crowe who is popularly known for starring in flicks like, ‘Gladiator’ and ‘L.A. Confidential’ has revealed that he hopes that his children doesnot follow his footsteps.
The actor who is married to singer Danielle Spencer insisted that he doesnot want his kids to enter show business like him.
Russell Crowe quoted, "Lord, I hope they don't want to be actors like me. But I guess it's only natural if they do. And if it's in their blood when they grow up, then fine. I don't want to force them into it, or put them in a situation where they feel they have to do it because they think that's how they are going to get daddy's approval.”
The actor whose latest flick, ‘Robin Hood’ is making records in the US has two kids, Charlie, 6, and Tennyson, 3.
However, the Academy award winning actor believes that his younger son Tennyson has the star spark in him.
"Tennyson has that natural flash in his eyes," he said.