Shiney Ahuja’s past crime of raping his 19 yr old maid is still haunting and tormenting him as his “Shunya” co-star walks out on him, flatly refusing to act with him.

‘Rapist’ Shiney Ahuja Still Haunted, Insulted In Bollywood
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Normally after a rape, the criminal walks out scot free and out of the media glare very soon while the victim is left to curse her fate for the rest of her life. But in the case of Shiney Ahuja, things are rather different as the ‘rapist’ tag refuses to leave him. The latest slap on Shiney’s face is the walking out of his “Shunya ” co-star, Vaishali Desai, on him.
Vaishali forayed into Bollywood with Jackie Bhagnani in Kal Kissne Dekha. Vaishali is just a new comer in the industry and her walking out on Shiney is indeed a big slap on his face, how much he deserves it though is best known by him.
The film “Shunya” produced by Pooja Bedi was initially to be made with Adhyayan Suman and  Vaishali Desai in the lead but later Adhyayan was replaced by Shiney and with Shiney’s entry, Vaishali made her exit. Vaishali said, “I have opted out of Shunya, and it's because of some personal reasons I don't wish to reveal. It's true that the film was first offered to Adhyayan, but later on they decided to go ahead with Shiney.”