Rakhi, one of the most anticipated festivals in India celebrates the loving relationship between a brother and his sister. Learn more about how rakhi is celebrated in India.

Meaning Behind the Rakhi Celebrations Unveiled
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If there’s one thing which India is renowned for and has fascinated many from around the globe, it’s for having an alluring mix of cultures and traditions from which erupts a flux of colourful festivals and celebrations, strong enough to carry anyone through the frenzies who as much as dips a finger in its undercurrent. Caste, creed and country cease to exist and only the spirit of the festival prevails and soars high. Among such many festivals that India is a home to, there’s one (the only one) known as Rakhi or Rakshabandhan, which celebrates the endearing bond between a brother and his sister. Through the surge of many historical legends attached to its origin, the festival of Rakhi as we know today has gone on (since ancient times) to become one of the most awaited festivals in India and for the Indians living around the world.
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