Kajol is now-a-days busy in promoting her upcoming release, ‘We Are Family’. Though, the movie is a Hollywood remake, but she thinks that every film has a magic, that can’t be replicated in a remake.

Kajol Says Film Remake Is Not A Good Idea
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Kajol is presently busy promoting her upcoming movie ‘We Are Family’, which also stars Kareena and Arjun Rampal. The eighth month of pregnancy doesn’t make her look stressful, she says that remake is not a great idea as there is a magic in every film.
Kajol adds, “I personally don’t think remaking films is a good idea. There is a magic to a film that cannot be replicated. But We Are Family is much Indianised and has a completely different take on relationships. Only the premise has been borrowed from Stepmom.”
The movie shows that Kajol is the ex-wife of Arjun with two kids and Kareena plays the role of his on-screen girl friend. The movie is based on emotions, acceptance and relationships.
Nobody would believe that Mrs. Radiant smile is now eight months pregnant, but doesn’t have a mark of stress on her face. She is cool as ever and she says that she is not worried about the things which she can’t change.
She adds, “Nothing can distract you from being pregnant. It is 24x7. Unlike now, was very nervous the first time around.”