Kareena Kapoor is now all geared up to do a completely deglamourized role in her future Karan Johar move, ‘Stepmom’.

Kareena Kapoor To Shed Glamour For ‘Stepmom’
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Kareena Kapoor, who is known to be a trendsetter, is now all geared up to do a completely deglamourized role in her future Karan Johar move, ‘Stepmom’, where she will be seen sharing the screen space with Kajol. Manish Malhotra is really finding it very difficult to give Kareena the look of an ordinary working woman.
Kareen, meanwhile, is trying everything which she can do so that she goes hand in hadn with Kajol. She is even attending workshops on acting so that she will be able to portray the ordinary working woman perfectly. Kareena, who will be seen essaying the role of Kajol’s ‘soutan’ in the movie, is really finding it very difficult. The two actresses start shooting together from the end of this month.
Says Kareena, “The last time I rehearsed for a part it was for Vishal Bhardwaj’s Omkara. But that was a more unconventional film and role where I had to get into a milieu and character I knew nothing about. But Stepmom is urban and very contemporary. I play a very normal metro-centric working girl. It should’ve been easier.” Through the workshops Kareena is discovering how difficult it is to play a normal girl. “I walk, talk, dress like an ordinary working girl. I’ll be using no makeup.”
Manish is working towards dresses will are not glamorous at all. “I couldn’t cut my hair as planned because of continuity clashes. And I didn’t want to cut my long hair. But I’m going for a new hairstyle”, added the size-zero trendsetter.
The biggest challenge is to face the camera with the resolute Kajol. Says Kareena, “She has always been one of my favourite actresses. We worked together in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. But this is something else.”
Kareena says there are a lot of dramatic scenes between the two women. “The desi version of Stepmom is very different from the original. My role is also a big departure from what Julia Roberts played in Stepmom.”