Jennifer Lopez has branded pregnancy as ‘weird and strange’.

Jennifer Lopez Calls Pregnancy Weird And Strange
Last Updated: 2010-04-26T12:47:18+05:30
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Jennifer Lopez Calls Pregnancy Weird And Strange
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez
The sex-symbol of Hollywood Jennifer Lopez popularly known as J.Lo has branded pregnancy as ‘weird and strange’. The beauty who is currently busy filming her upcoming flick, ‘The Back Up Plan’ is portraying the role of a pregnant woman in the flick.
The 40-year old star said that she believes pregnancy is like ‘an invasion of the body snatchers’.
Jennifer Lopez quoted, "I wanted to put as much in as we could that was real - the overeating, the burping. Why not? It's funny too. Pregnancy and giving birth are weird, strange. The growing life inside you, it's like an invasion of the body snatchers.”
J.Lo who has two kids added that she is learning about the different attitudes of men and women by observing her children Max and Emme.
"I've figured out the difference between men and women by seeing their innate characteristics. She is very careful, and you can see her thinking; men don't think, they attack and deal with the consequences. We approach life and love in different ways," she explained.

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