Hollywood starlet Jennifer Aniston posed as veteran star Barbra Streisand for latest edition of America's Harper's Bazaar magazine.

Jennifer Aniston As Barbra Streisand For Harper's Bazaar
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There are very few people in the world whose dreams come true and Hollywood starlet Jennifer Aniston is one of them. The biggest wish of the actress becoming Barbra Streisand fulfilled after she posed as the veteran star for the latest edition of a magazine.
The former ‘Friends’ star who is the biggest fan of the singer & actress has idolised the beauty for a long time and when Aniston was offered to dress like Barbra for the latest edition of America's Harper's Bazaar she jumped with joy and took the opportunity without giving it a second thought.
In the photograph, Aniston has an uncanny likeness to the ‘Funny Girl’ star.
Aniston recently met Streisand and talked about her directing ambitions. She is keen to don the director's hat ever since she directed a low-key short film ‘Room 10’ in 2006.
"Streisand was wonderful and you could talk to her about anything... I had a long conversation with her about direction as I directed a short movie a couple of years ago and if I don't do it again soon, I'm going to burst out of my skin," she said.