H2O has announced its new shower-powered radio.

H2O Reveals Shower Powered Radio
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While the whole world is behind high-end technologies and other scientific advancements in developing new devices, a whole-new invention has emerged silently. No, this time it is not about smartphones, tablet or other such top-end gadgets but radio. H2O has announced its new shower-powered radio. Weird! But you heard it right.
The radio is capable of charging itself as water pours from shower. There is no need for electricity or removable batteries for the device to get charged. You can easily charge the radio with adequate power as you take bath.
This eco-friendly device is compatible with almost any shower, as the company claims.
Vivian Blick was the man behind this amazing product. The shower-powered radio was inspired from the company’s earlier invention Wind-Up Radio.
“Having seen huge success with the commercialization of the Wind-Up Radio we were constantly looking into new ways that further innovations in the radio sector could be made. Creating the now-patented micro turbine technology, that allows the radio to operate solely through the flow of water, was the key to our new innovation; and thus the world's first water-powered shower radio was created,” Vivian Blick was quoted as saying.
The H2O Shower Powered Radio has been priced at £34.99 and will be available from March 2011.