Hollywood sweetheart Gwyneth Paltrow is suffering from ‘Osteopenia’.

Gwyneth Paltrow Suffering From Bone Disorder
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Hollywood sweetheart Gwyneth Paltrow is suffering from a bone disorder and is advised to spend more time in the sun in order to raise her levels of Vitamin D. Lately, in the medical report it was found that the actress is going through ‘Osteopenia’.
‘Osteopenia’ is a condition where bone mineral density is lower than normal.
"I suffered a pretty severe Tibial plateau fracture a few years ago (requiring surgery) which lead the orthopaedic surgeon to give me a bone scan, at which point it was discovered I had the beginning stages of osteopenia," Paltrow said.
"This led my doctors in New York to test my Vitamin D levels, which turned out to be the lowest they had ever seen, not a good thing. I went on a prescription strength level of Vitamin D and was told to spend a bit of time in the sun," she added.
The ‘Iron Man’ beauty found it strange when her doctor advised her to stay in sun.  Paltrow, 37 was confused as she had been told to stay away from harmful sun rays till then.
"I was curious if this was safe, having been told for years to stay away from its dangerous rays, not to mention a tad bit confused," she said.