The beautiful lass of ‘Harry Potter’ series Emma Watson seems to have her magical essence in Hollywood by emerging as the youngest actress to be paid the highest.

Emma Watson Leaves Her Magic Essence In Hollywood!
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The stunning actress of super hit series ‘Harry Potter,’ who had made bout to her teen by entering nineteen is listed as the highest paid actress of Hollywood in 2009 graph.
This youngest top earner of Hollywood, Emma maintains a well balanced normal life irrespective of her great success.
Currently, she is into University for higher education and is earning good amount that has placed this top actress of Hollywood into a pitiful sight. Emma aims for the top slot position as the highest earning actress by replacing her predecessors like Cameron Diaz, Angelina Jolie and Sarah Jessica Parker.

She has raced out with a handsome amount of £20million from her tough competitors that even upcoming top actresses have failed to figure out. According to Hollywood's top 40 earners list, Emma is ranked in the 14th position and is named as the youngest female ever to enter in this category.

Reasonably, if she is given £10million for each version of Harry Potter series she is definite to win a whole lot of jackpot. It is heard that for the final two parts of the Harry Potter series, ‘The Deathly Hallows’ I and II she has received £10million for each, where Emma features as Hermione.
Success is fast running after Emma but to retain in her current position is not an easy job.