Harry Potter 6 is a masterpiece.

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince Movie Review
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Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince Movie Review
Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince
Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

Based on the bestselling novel by J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince brings a little bit of everything to the big screen, from action and tragedy to romance and jealousy.

Voldemort’s Return

The Dark Lord has returned to power and he is sending the death eaters to do his bidding, killing innocent “muggles” in the process. Voldemort has recruited a new death eater this year, one with an eye on the inside of Hogwarts—Draco Malfoy. Malfoy battles with his fears and sense of duty as he helps the Voldemort’s sidekicks infiltrate the highly-protected school as Severus Snape has taken an Unbreakable Vow to protect him and help him finish his dark job.


A Peak into the Past

Meanwhile, Dumbledore is showing Harry memories of his past—memories of Tom Riddle (alias Voldemort). Harry is the chosen one, and only he can kill the Dark Lord. But for that he has to find the answers which lay in one among the new potion master's memories. But, Professor Slughorn is not so willing to give it up.


Love Games

This film is not just about the grim deeds and death tolls. Harry and his pals are caught up in a few romantic battles. The movie makes Ron and Hermione’s inevitable romance way more obvious than the book. Hermione becomes jealousy about her boyfriend Ron’s new clingy and sappy girlfriend, Lavender. Ginny is dating Dean Thomas making Harry sad. But when that relationship cracks, Ginny turns all her attention to Harry.

The Bottom Line

Each Harry Potter film is better than the previous one. And Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is no exception. The filmmakers and cast have done a marvellous job by combining love, drama, death and lots of humour.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is a must watch for this week!!!!!!!!!!!!

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