‘Eat Pray Love’ starring Julia Roberts is nothing but a confusing piece of work.

Eat Pray Love Review- Eat Pray Love Movie Review
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Eat Pray Love Review- Eat Pray Love Movie Review
Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts
Director: Ryan Murphy
Star Cast: Julia Roberts, Billy Crudup, James Franco, Javier Bardem, Viola Davis, Richard Jenkins and Christine Hakim.
Hollywood Queen Julia Roberts is finally here. The comeback vehicle of Roberts ‘Eat Pray Love’  released in India today but after being panned internationally, the movie has received lukewarm reaction from India as well.
‘Eat Pray Love’ is based on the memoir penned by Elizabeth Gilbert. It will not be wrong to say that the Gilbert’s piece of work is far much better than that of Roberts’ latest offering.
The directorial effort of Ryan Murphy offers nothing but just the disappointment. The adaption has terribly failed to match the standards of the international bestseller.
‘Eat Pray Love’ is the story of a woman Elizabeth Gilbert who realizes that she is not happy with her life and is not getting what she wants. After facing a painful divorce Liz decides to trip around the world in the search of self discovery.
However, the movie has failed on every count and is unsuccessful in conveying its message clearly to the audience. One will be left confused what made Liz to leave everything so wonderful behind and instead chose loneliness. Well, we cannot blame the director completely as versatile actress Julia also fails to establish connection with the audience onscreen.
There will be thousands of questions that will be troubling the viewers mind while watching the flick but the director has not taken any serious efforts to answer them or even study the psyche of Liz.
For those who have read the memoir will feel ditched by the film and those who haven’t read then it will just be a mere piece of story left unexplained and filled with puzzlement.
The editing of the movie could also be counted as another factor in the failure of the flick. The scenes are arranged haphazardly and connections between the scenes are missing.
The movie which is also shot in some parts of India shows the beautiful picture of the country with Murphy making sure that buffaloes, cows and elephants are included in every frame.  
‘Eat Pray Love’ movie clearly fails to justify its title which claims it to be about self-discovery and soul–searching however leaves the audience with only option to look for EXIT sign in theatre.
In short, movie is a waste of time but the wonderful memoir is a must read for all the women.

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