When Demi Moore’s hubby Ashton Kutcher planned to capture his proposal to her in his film, the day turned out unfavorable and to his awkwardness he had to do it on the next day 1st April.

Demi Moore’s Hubby Felt Awkward To Say ‘I Do’ On 1st April
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Demi Moore’s Hubby Felt Awkward To Say ‘I Do’ On 1st April
Demi Moore
Demi Moore
It is surprising that Hollywood actors who could pretty well highlight romance on screen, in reality they had to fight back their nerves like common man.
In a most sweet and strange proposal approach by Ashton Kutcher to his beloved Demi Moore reveals how he had the gone through the same nerve in excitement like any common man. Confronts how he had fumbled on the actual day that really made not only Demi look wary about him but at same time he was also left awkwardness.
The day Kutcher planned to asked Demi to marry him, he wanted to store the precious moment in his video but unfortunately things were not in his favor as he ran out of film and opt it for the next day. But when he realized that it was April Fool's Day the next day, he felt it very awkward.
He rammed the whole house but couldn’t find a film to fit into his camera and left Demi bit wary about his strange move, unable to guess what making him look so nerved. Kutcher like a common lad blushed and fumbled with words to calm her anxiousness about his behavior.
His plan to do so was to capture her ‘yes’ with evidence, Kutcher reveals, "I planned to video the moment I proposed so that years later I could play it back to her and say, 'See, you did say yes to being my wife.' But just as I was going to propose, I realised I had run out of film. So I stumbled round all day with this ring burning a hole in my pocket. She kept asking, 'What's wrong, sweetie?' and I couldn't tell her. It was a little goofy. So I had to put it off until the next day.”
For a moment on the next day he was quite nerved that she would take his matter quite lightly thinking it to be an April Fool’s Day and wouldn’t answer him right. He felt it quite silly to say ‘I Do’ on 1st April, Kutcher recollects, "I ended up proposing on April Fool's Day - a little silly.”
It was at the prime age of two Kutcher 32-years and Demi 47-years quite older than him got happily married in 2005 after two years of dating.
But it’s good that Demi's hubby could recollect his composure and guts to say ‘I Do’ even on an odd day. Lucky gal!

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