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Emily Blunt
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Last Updated: 2011-02-07T12:36:41+05:30
Emily Blunt Actress Emily Blunt maybe looks bold and beautiful on screen but in real life she gets nervous when it comes to receiving the awards on stage and is asked to say a few words.
The actress who was nominated for a Golden Globe and a BAFTA for her performance in 2006 release The Devil Wears ...

Last Updated: 2010-07-12T09:55:25+05:30
Emily Blunt British Beauty Emily Blunt popularly known for her role in 2006 release ‘Devil Wears Prada’ has exchanged vows with her long time fiance John Krasinski. In a private ceremony in Italy Blunt and Krasinski sealed their nuptials by sharing an intimate kiss on Saturday.
The pair ...

Last Updated: 2010-03-03T11:42:28+05:30
Emily Blunt Hollywood beauty Emily Blunt who portrayed the role of ‘Queen Victoria’ in the movie ‘The Young Victoria ‘ has revealed that it was ‘hell’ for her donning tight corsets.
The actress claimed that she really had a difficult time wearing those tight dresses ...

Last Updated: 2010-02-15T18:29:32+05:30
Emily Blunt Actress Emily Blunt seems to be irritated from the social networking websites. The British actress has sweared that she will never join the celebrity social networking website ‘’.
The star insisted that she is not interested to bore her fans with useless updates ...

Last Updated: 2010-02-13T11:43:18+05:30
Emily Blunt Emily Blunt best known for her roles in movies like ‘My Summer of Love’, ‘The Young Victoria’ has admitted that she forgets her lines while filming for her upcoming horror flick ‘The Wolfman’. But, the reason of her forgetting lines is not that the actress is not ...

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