David Beckham is set to become an expert chef as he is taking cookery lessons nowadays.

David Beckham Takes Cookery Classes
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After proving himself on the football field, David Beckham is set to become an expert chef. He is taking cookery lessons nowadays and says that he wants to learn how to make "amazing pasta".
The footballer, who is currently playing for AC Milan, is taking advantage of his stay in Italy by learning how to prepare classic pasta dishes, reported a hollywood magazine.
"I've joined a culinary school and I'm on a course that entails 120 hours of lessons and cooking. It's something I've always wanted to do. I've always loved cooking. Now I'm in Italy, I want to learn how to make amazing pasta," said Beckham.
"It's gone from a small ambition of wanting to learn how to make pasta to the extreme of doing this course professional chefs do. It's something I'm passionate about," he added.