The Beckhams, David and Victoria encourage their children with pets when they get good grades.

David Beckham And Victoria Beckham Reward Sons With New Pets
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The Beckham household is turning into a zoo because proud parents David and Victoria reward their hard-working sons with pets when they get good grades.
Soccer ace David relocated his family from London to Los Angeles after joining the L.A. Galaxy club and he is impressed by how well his three sons are adjusting to their new school.
And he is so proud of his eldest son Brooklyn for scoring top marks on his homework, he purchased a reptile for the 10 year old, adding an intimidating pet to the family's ever-growing menagerie.
He says, "I sat down with him (Brooklyn) the other day to do his homework and I couldn't understand a word of it. It's so complicated that I just help him with his reading. We promised him recently that if he got three As we'd buy him a bearded dragon lizard, which is my worst nightmare. He came home from school the other day and handed me three sheets of paper with three As on it, so we had to go to (pet shop) Petco.
"Our house is full of wildlife at the moment, crickets, lizards and all sorts, but they deserve it. Brooklyn works hard at school and then does an hour and a half homework every night. He doesn't have time to play football at the moment, as he goes to baseball practice and plays flag American football, which is non-contact, but he still loves having a kick-around with me. As long as they're involved in any sport, I don't mind, as it's so important for kids to be active."