British icon Colin Firth revealed that he enjoyed ‘making a fool’ of himself in musical/romantic comedy ‘Mamma Mia’.

Colin Firth Enjoyed ‘Making A Fool’ Of Himself In Mamma Mia’
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British icon Colin Firth who portrayed the role of Harry Bright, Sophie's possible father and an English banker in musical/romantic comedy ‘Mamma Mia’ revealed that he enjoyed filming the movie and had fun ‘ making a fool’ of himself.
The 50-year old further added that after playing a fool in the movie ,he is bored of dignified roles.
"I think dignity can be a little overrated. I just relished making a fool of myself along with all these rather serious actors," he said.
"Every time we finished a take, we would look at each other and blanch. There was a fantastic kind of recklessness to it. What on earth were we doing? Committing career suicide? That audiences liked it was very gratifying. Really, it`s one of the experiences I regret least in my life," added the actor.
Meanwhile, Firth who received an Academy Award nomination for his work in ‘A Single Man’ admitted that the chemistry between the stars in the movie is a key ingredient and lack of it can make a wonderful piece a ‘misery’.
"It can be utter misery. Because you are trying to manufacture something that`s supposed to be happening naturally," he added.