Hollywood beauty Cameron Diaz has revealed that she is nervous to star in the remake of “The Sound of Music” remake.

Cameron Diaz Is Scared To Star In “The Sound Of Music” Remake
Last Updated: 2009-07-24T18:03:45+05:30
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Cameron Diaz Is Scared To Star In “The Sound Of Music” Remake
Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz
Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz is hesitant to star in a remake of musical classic "The Sound of Music", as she thinks actress Julie Andrews' original performance in the film was "incredible".
The actress of "There's Something About Mary"  fame  is rumoured to be the favourite for the lead role of Maria, made famous by Julie  Andrews, in a new version of the classic musical film, but Cameron Diaz is not confident if she could match the earlier performance.
"I don't know if I would do it because that is one of those awe-striking moments. Julie is amazing and I don't know if I could follow an act like that," she said.
Although Cameron Diaz is not convinced that she could fit into Julie Andrew's shoes, the 36-year-old beauty is a huge fan of the screen legend who she worked with on the "Shrek" films.
"I got the opportunity to work with her on two of the 'Shrek' movies. I got to spend some time with her during the promotional tour and she is just the epitome of grace and elegance,” Cameron Diaz said.

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