Apple’s iPad 2 is not likely to hit India officially anytime soon.

Apple's iPad 2 Not Expected In India Anytime Soon
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Well, Apple’s iPad 2 is now launched and is slated for officially release on March 11. Just as in any other country Indians too are eagerly awaiting for the tablet. But as usual India does not make it to the list for the initial launch.
According to sources, India is not even seen in the second set of release by Apple. This is the common scenario in case of most top-end gadgets.
The much-touted iPad 2 was launched on March 2 at a conference held by Apple. The tablet comes powered by dual-core A5 chip ensuring maximum speed while surfing the Internet and playing games.
The iPad 2 becomes more special because of its ‘Smart Cover’ made of polyurethane and leather material. The smart cover can also be turned into a stand. The tablet supports 10 hours of battery time and is equipped with two cameras for capturing images, movie-making and video calling.
The price of Apple’s iPad 2 starts at $499. India may have to wait at least for some months for the official launch.