In a world where everyone seems to know the value of every second, one has to make sure everything is fast. It isn’t an unfamiliar sight to see how people get frustrated and angry when their internet connection begins to take more than a second to start up. In a situation like that, a camera that promises very little start up time and functions that work as sonic speeds will always be sought after and will run into no difficulty finding its share of consumers in the market. This is perhaps what one might feel about the new Lumix DMC-FX68 from Panasonic. This ultra compact point and shoot camera comes with resolution of 14.1 mp and a wide angle 5x zoom lens.

Design and Functioning

Cameras like the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX68 will always be considered as a wonderful slip-into-the-pocket kind of camera because of its dimensions and shape. This slim and easy to grip ultra compact point and shoot camera weighs a mere 120 gs and is available in colours as vivid and youthful as Sky Blue, Baby Pink, Champagne Gold, Deep Purple, Midnight Black and Gun metal Silver. With the Intelligent Resolution technology incorporated in this camera, 3 areas – the outlines, detailed texture areas and soft gradation areas are automatically detected and the camera brings out the advanced details in each of them. This camera also comes with Panasonic’s Intelligent Exposure function, which increases the exposure in under-exposed areas by detecting the brightness level part-by-part in the image. One can use its macro mode and the Power ISO function together to minimise shake in extreme close up pictures. This camera contains internal memory of 40MB and is compatible with SD/SDHC as well as SDXC cards.