When it comes to Panasonics compact cameras, there are very few things that it does not include as compared to a professional camera, giving the user latest in compact cameras along with the freedom and near precision of a professional camera. With a 14.1 mp resolution and 8x zoom, it uses Intelligent Multiple metering, happy mode whose function is to optimize colour saturation and brightness and contrast, which in turn helps to give better colour rendition.

Design and Functioning

This slim and sleek camera, with a width that barely touches an inch comes in black, deep blue, sunny orange and pale mossy green. Though it is chock-a-bloc with the usual features of 14.1 mp resolution and a relatively impressive 8x zoom, it possesses some qualities that people can only expect from a Panasonic, for instance a wide range of focusing distance from about just 3 centimeters for wide angle to 100 centimeters at the telephoto end. What makes this product bring a wide smile to the faces of the consumers is its Happy mode, which helps optimize colour rendition and allows the user to get better colour information in the pictures. When it comes to the video mode, it boasts of the AVCHD Lite mode, which is a subset of the AVCHD mode, a high definition digital video recording and playback format that is signatory of Panasonic. Some of its other iA (Intelligent Auto) modes include Intelligent resolution, intelligent zoom, Intelligent exposure, Intelligent ISO control and so on (with such an intelligent camera, one might wonder why it needs a human being to operate it!). Panasonic also takes its optical image stabilization (OIS) facility a step further to give Power OIS, which offers advanced image stability.