Olympus Mju-7020 is a stylish ultra-slim digital camera packed with 3.0-inch Hyper Crystal II LCD monitor with 7x optical zoom lens that delivers impressive long shoots without any blurriness. It has panorama composition function that allows the user to shoot a panorama picture by simply panning the camera as guided. It also includes CCD-shift type image stabilization, True Pic III image process engine, AF Tracking, Beauty Mode, Face and Back Control function, Magic Filter Function, AUTO (Intelligent Auto) function and many more other features. The Camera is measured in a dimension of 97.5 x 56.7 x 26.2mm and weighs 133g.

Design and Functioning

Olympus Mju-7020 is an ultra-slim digital camera that comes in a stylish design with excellent performance and user-friendly technologies. It comes with 12.7 Mega Pixel with 7x optical zoom lens with 28mm wide-angle shooting capacity which captures distant subjects without any difficulty and delivers remarkable close-up pictures to the user. It has CCD-shift type image stabilization that eliminates camera shakes even the tiniest shakes and delivers crystal clear images, even it can capture fast-moving objects under low-light settings. It includes AUTO (Intelligent Auto) function that analyzes the current scene and optimizes the camera settings automatically. The Photos with high-quality can be directly connected to the HDTV monitor through HDMI connector with HDTV capability. It comes with True Pic III image process engine which ensures high-quality images without any vague impressions, AF Tracking which tracks the fast moving subjects automatically and keeps it constantly in focus so that the user can take the picture with optimal focus and brightness just by pressing the shutter button at any time and has Beauty Mode which automatically identifies the imperfections in the face and reduces the blemish so that to deliver face smoother and also has Face and Back Control function which delivers the face brighter, more beautiful without altering the background brightness and has Magic Filter Function that makes easy for the users to apply a color tone to an image which is vividly different from that of actually visibility. The Aperture range is f3.0 (W) - 5.9(T) along with sensitive 1600 ISO range and shutter speed of 1/4-1/2000 seconds to longest 4 seconds which shoots crystal clear images even in the low-light conditions. The camera is packed with 15 MB Internal Memory and is compatible with MicroSD/ xD-Picture Memory Cards.