Compact cameras have made it easy for all of us to click pictures in every situation, edit them, remove all red eyes and even upload it directly to our favourite networking sites. But most cameras turn out to be incapable of making pictures immune to blur or shake – though they may remove the blur at a digital level. Thankfully the Olympus FE-5030 is capable of removing blur or shake from the picture at both the optical as well as digital level. This camera comes with a resolution of 14mp and a zoom range of 5x.

Design and Functioning

Since colours reflect the personality of the person who carries it, this camera can be said to have a colour for each one of us. Its slim and easy to grip body, made tough with Double-Layered Crystal Shell finish, comes in various kaleidoscopic colours like Baby Pink, Sky Blue, Cool Green, Earth Brown, Metallic Silver and Midnight Black. This camera is equipped with Dual Image Stabilization function – which removes blur or shake from the picture at two levels – optically and digitally. It comes with a zoom capacity of 5x, with a 35mm equivalent ranging from 26mm to 130mm. It comes with magic filters which give your images an artistic touch. To make it all the more easy to operate for the user, this camera comes with an in-camera help guide. It comes with an internal memory of 48MB and is compatible with SD/SDHC cards.